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A Look Ahead

Apr 22, 2024 by E. Joe Brown

     Well, I apologize again folks. But since returning from Tucson, my wife and I have had over a dozen medical appointments. Some routine, some not. My wife Linda is in recovery mode from two eye surgeries. She’s doing fine. But some of these appointments were mine and I got reminded getting older has its challenges. Now I know what people mean when they say - "Getting' old ain't fer sissies."  You have to have a sense of humor too.

     I'm looking ahead now and I see so many opportunities to grow as a writer and a person. I'm putting together "hopefully" some book signings and visits around two big deals over the next sixty days. I've had book signings in Laramie and Casper in 2023, and I'll see about returning with my latest novel, "A Cowboy's Fortune."

     My grandson Jordan will have his graduation commencement in Laramie, Wyoming, on May 11th. His bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming is in Accounting. Linda and I are very proud grandparents.

     I'll attend the Western Writers of America (WWA) Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma in June. Last year, I did a book signing in Tulsa at Magic City Books, and I'll be returning there a few days after the convention. On the way to Tulsa, I'll return to Best of Books in Edmond, Oklahoma. I'll add more stops, so watch the appearances tab on my website for details. You can also watch for dates I’ll be interviewed on podcasts and radio. Two are in the works to happen between now and the WWA convention.

     My wife and I hope to have a nice trip to Jekyll Island and across the southern states sometime this summer. Jekyll Island may not mean anything if you haven't read "A Cowboy's Fortune" yet (I sure hope you have). It is an important location in the overall storyline. When my story was set, the wealthiest and most influential business people had created a "getaway" place off the coast of Georgia called Jekyll Island. It is still a resort, and people go there on vacation. Those same people no longer own it but it is elegant. Krista Soukup of Blue Cottage Agency was there a few weeks ago and I can't wait to hear her report. I'll end this here and get to work on setting up the stops I described above.

Happy Trails,