E. Joe Brown

Award Winning Author

A Cowboy's Fortune (Kelly Can Saga Book 2)
Release Date: January 24th, 2024

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A Cowboy's Fortune (Kelly Can Saga Book 2)

The cutthroat world of big oil is very different from the life of a humble cowboy, but if anyone can succeed among all the treachery and danger, KELLY CAN!

It's 1919 and Charlie Kelly has married the love of his life, Susan, and together the newlyweds hope to grow the business empire that Susan's father, Walter Kramer, built. Charlie's dream of starting his own oil company becomes a reality, and Susan takes over the leadership of the Kramer Group, but tragedy soon follows triumph.
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Being Adrift: My Year as a Sports Writer

For as long as he can remember, E Joe Brown, now a published author, has been passionate about sports. In his native Oklahoma, he was your typical grade-schooler who began competitive sports in the third grade, playing baseball, basketball, and running track. He played and was a third-grade starter on the fifth-grade basketball team.

Being Adrift follows Joe's life journey, from a youthful passion for sports into the world of journalism, and later becoming an author of stories and memoirs.
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A Cowboy's Destiny (Kelly Can Saga Book 1)
SKU: 1951122372

A story set in the southwest in the early 1900s about a young cowboy in his late teens. He’s ready to go out and chase his dream of being a “top-hand” on the world-famous Miller’s 101 Ranch in northern Oklahoma. Along the way, he’s met with some unexpected challenges and opportunities that open his eyes to new and greater possibilities. 

Listen to Joe talk about his book on a recent Podcast --> The Black Range Pub
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Hey, Coach!

A military base is a world of its own. The children of military personnel frequently attend base schools. Tech Sargeant E.Joe Brown worked on Edwards AFB donating some of his off-duty hours to coaching football and baseball at the local high school. This story shows the impact a coach can have on a player...and a player can have on a coach.
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Granddaddy's Wisdom

Granddaddy’s Wisdom
The 1950s, in fact, were a simpler time. But some things have always been the same. For example, a ten-year-old boy moving from his hometown, leaving friends and relationships important to him is traumatic. For Joey, he had a strong relationship with a loving granddaddy that helped him through his difficult time. That’s a gift just as valuable for youngsters today. I hope you can identify with and enjoy the story.
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Armageddon: My Hollywood Story

I would never have dreamed I would ever get an opportunity to be part of Hollywood, even though I lived and worked within about a one-hour drive of Hollywood and Vine. But it did happen, and the following story describes how, when and what happened back in 1997. I know I’ll never forget it.

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Mickey and Me

As a fourteen-year-old baseball player from Oklahoma, one of Joe's greatest dreams was to meet his hero, Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees. As fate would have it, he had the honor of meeting him twice.  Discover the magic between these two baseball Okies as they share time together.
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New Mexico Remembers 9/11
SKU: 978-1951122102

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 seared themselves into America’s collective memory. Non-stop images of collapsing towers, airlines flying into buildings, and a low-flying jet plunging into the Pentagon cannot be forgotten. Recordings of phone conversations between doomed passengers on United Fight 93—who knew about the previous attacks—and their loved ones on the ground, play over and over in our ears. In the subsequent days and months, much was said about New York and Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. It was as though the rest of the country disappeared.
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Seeing the World in 20/20
SKU: 979-8668022847

The year 2020 fits Confucious' curse "May you live in interesting times". As the premier Writers association in the southwestern part of the country, SouthWest Writers is all about writers helping writers succeed. The annual writing contest is open to anyone. It provides challenges for poets and authors and gives them an opportunity to fly.This book contains the top award winning entries in each category: Biography/Memoir, Humor, Social Consciousness, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Mystery, Animals, Philosophy, Historical fiction and more. There were over 230 entries in the competition and each entry was reviewed by at least two judges whose published works have received acclaim. With everyone encouraged to stay home in order to reduce the spread of Covid, the pandemic itself became a character in several stories and poems.
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