E. Joe Brown

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A Cowboy's Fortune (Kelly Can Saga Book 2)
Release Date: January 24th, 2024

Seeing the World in 20/20

Seeing the World in 20/20

Seeing the World in 20/20
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The year 2020 fits Confucious' curse "May you live in interesting times". As the premier Writers association in the southwestern part of the country, SouthWest Writers is all about writers helping writers succeed. The annual writing contest is open to anyone. It provides challenges for poets and authors and gives them an opportunity to fly.This book contains the top award winning entries in each category: Biography/Memoir, Humor, Social Consciousness, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Mystery, Animals, Philosophy, Historical fiction and more. There were over 230 entries in the competition and each entry was reviewed by at least two judges whose published works have received acclaim. With everyone encouraged to stay home in order to reduce the spread of Covid, the pandemic itself became a character in several stories and poems.

286 pages | 979-8668022847 | September 7, 2020