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It Was a Great Trip

Feb 07, 2024 by E. Joe Brown
"A Cowboy's Fortune" book launch trip was a big success and a lot of fun. The weather gave us some challenges, but otherwise, we couldn't have asked for more. Linda and I drove off from home on Tuesday, January 23rd, and stayed at a hotel in Chickasha, OK, that night. We had dinner with my cousin Carla at Mama Caro’s that evening. The following morning we returned there and ate breakfast before going to Hick’s Company. That’s a mighty fine western wear store in Chickasha. The owner, James Hicks, is legendary around there. He’s eighty-six years old and still goes into the store every day. If you are ever in town make sure to meet James. He has everything you need and has a few yarns to share too.

Wednesday afternoon, Linda and I drove to Duncan, OK, to the Chisolm Trail Heritage Center (CTHC) for me to be on Trail Talk with Edie Stewart. Edie is the education director there and hosts Trail Talk every week. We had a wonderful visit "on air" as well as before and after the show. I'll return there in July to be part of their Day of the Cowboy celebration. I strongly recommend that everyone reading this who has yet to visit the CTHC make plans to go there. They have a lot to offer you as a place to study the history of the "West" and provide entertainment. They have things that focus on all ages, and I am proud to say I am a dues-paying member of the CTHC. I left them with a supply of Destiny and Fortune so you can pick up an autographed copy while you're there.

After the Trail Talk, Linda and I drove to Cushing, OK where we would stay that night and the following night after the book launch and signing at the Cushing Public Library. Despite the awful fog we drove through between Amarillo, YX, and Sayre, OK, the previous day, what a wonderful start. 

On Thursday morning, January 25th, I was a guest of Program Director Molly Payne on KUSH 1600 Radio. We talked about why I was in town and caught up on what we’ve been doing. That evening, Michael Hanes, the Director at the Cushing Public Library hosted me for the launch of "A Cowboy's Fortune." We had a friendly and enthusiastic crowd that included my longtime friend and fellow member of the Class of 1966 from Cushing High School, Harry Escott. I mention Harry because, during the evening, I shared with everyone that the climactic scene in “Fortune” happens in a building along Broadway there in Cushing that Harry once owned. In 2006, our graduating class had a party during Alumni Weekend at that building. We had a good time that night, and everyone took books home with them.

The following day, we arrived in Enid OK, early so I could be with Derek Darr on KNID Radio discussing that I would be at Putnam Six Bookstore later that day. We had an excellent show and Chloe at Putnam Six was ready for us later that day. After a successful two hours at her store, we headed to Ponca City, OK, where we would spend the night and then do a book signing at Brace Books and More the following day. Tara Smith, the owner, welcomed me, and I had my friend and historian of the 101 Ranch Old Timers Association, Joe Glaser, there as well. We had a wonderful time and sold books, leaving more autographed copies to sell later. Linda and I packed up the following day and drove home.

I hope you enjoyed traveling with us. This blog was a little longer than some, but I wanted to share the launch of "Fortune" with you.

Happy Trails,