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Wow! I’ve Sent My Publisher the Draft of Book Three

Jun 18, 2024 by E. Joe Brown
Thinking about how much my life has changed since December 2018 is exciting. My wonderful daughter-in-law Tanya asked me at Thanksgiving if I would like to attend a writer's meeting in December. I was interested in beginning to write about my life (memoirs), and I had a storyline bouncing around in my mind for years (Kelly Can Saga Series). The potential novel(s) and memoirs did not have titles, or anything concrete at that time. I agreed to go with her. From that event, I met some folks, and in January 2019, I started taking writing classes at the continuing education department of the University of New Mexico.

I've learned it's always possible at any point in your life to start something when you have a strong desire to explore it. I love the creative process of storytelling and sharing the story with readers. I’ll never be able to adequately thank Tanya for asking me to join her in attending that meeting all those years ago.

Now, I have six short stories (memoirs) that have been self-published and two novels, with a third on the way, supported wonderfully by a traditional publisher. Books one and two of the Kelly Can Series, A Cowboy's Destiny and A Cowboy's Fortunehave made bestseller lists, and I have won contests with several of my memoirs. I hope that didn't sound like braggadocios because what I'm getting at is I never expected to win anything or have this recognition.

To all of you reading this, I offer a HUGE THANK YOU! I look forward to many more novels and memoirs. And as I said in my last blog, I am on the road quite a bit this summer and fall. I sure hope to see you in person soon.

Happy Trails,