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A Cowboy's Destiny - Charlie and Susan

Apr 12, 2022 by E. Joe Brown

I consider Charlie Kelly, of course, the main character. But, early in the story, he meets a beautiful, sensual, and compelling young woman, Susan Blackaby, and his world is changed forever. They will be the focus of this edition of the Kelly Can Saga Blog.

Charles Kelly – My granddaddy Clarence Ashley Kelly was the primary inspiration for this character, and some events in his life inspired the story. He was born in 1898 in Loco, Stephens County, Oklahoma. As a teenager, he became a ranch hand at the world-famous Miller's 101 Ranch, located south and west of Ponca City, Oklahoma. During that time, he filled in for the cook (cookie, coosie, or cocinero) on a spring roundup (gather), and he became famous for his scratch biscuits. The 101 hired him for his skills as a cowboy. He remained in that role, but he was required to share how he made his biscuits with the regular cooks.

The story in the novel is fiction, but my granddaddy was a big man standing six foot -four and weighing well beyond 200 pounds. Tom Selleck and John Wayne are my physical inspiration for Charlie, although Clarence Kelly himself was a handsome man.

Charlie is a man of integrity. Don't ever call him a liar. As a teenager, he is more mature than one should expect. He's smart, having graduated high school at the top of his class. And he is a young man with big dreams and ambitions.

Susan Blackaby – Marjorie Merriweather Post inspired me to create Susan. Marjorie inherited the fortune created by her father, C. W. Post of Postum Cereals fame. She later, while still young, acquired Birdseye and started General Foods. Physically I have been inspired to pattern her after two actresses. Primarily Lynda Carter, with a lot of Jane Russell from the movie "outlaw" added. Susan, like Charlie, has integrity and a great deal of ambition.

By the end of this first novel in the Kelly Can Saga series, they become passionate lovers, husband and wife, and a formidable team of young go-getters.   

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